Balloon Classic Invitational (North Canton, Ohio) (2010-08-01)

Hot Air Balloon

From 2010 …..

I got up early this morning and went to the Balloon Classic Invitational in at the Kent State Stark Campus.  This was a combination of a Balloon Launching Site and Target Site.  First they launched approximately 18 Hot Air Balloons.  After the launch the field became the target site for at least 50 balloons, I lost count.  The pilots in the ballons tried to drop bean bags on the field as close to a “X” as possible.  This was quite a site to see this many balloons approaching one location.

Additional photos are hi-res photos in the Balloon Classic Invitational (North Canton, Ohio) (2010-08-01) album on my PicasaWeb Photo Album.

2 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon”

  1. Love that shot, so colorful! At one time about 25 years ago I gave some thought to buying a hot air balloon (about 10 grand at the time)… and they took off just a couple miles from my place in Kent WA, on quiet Saturday mornings I could hear the swish of the gas burners as they passed over.

    1. They are very nice to look at, I do not think I would want to own one. My photography is already an expensive hobby, I do not need another one :)

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