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Be Our Guest Restaurant @ Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Restaurant @ Magic KingdomAttached is a collection of photos from the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park.  The restaurant is located int he New Fantasyland.  This is a very unique restaurant for Walt Disney World.   For lunch this ia a Quick Service Restaurant and at dinner it is Full Service.  We went at lunch as reservations for dinner are currently hard to come by.

When you place your order at lunch for quick service they give you a rose, which is actually a RFID.  Once you sit down at a table they bring the food out to you.  They know where you are by the RFID on the rose.  I assume that they have RFID receivers in the tables so that they know where you are.

This is a French Inspired Restaurant and the food is very good.  I have to say it is the best Quick Service in the Magic Kindgom Park and maybe in all of the parks but that is still up for argument.  The photo above is of the cupcake offered for desert and it is one of the best cupcakes we have ever had.


January Most Popular Posts

EPCOT (2013-01-01)

I went through the blog stats for January and found the most popular entries for the month.

  1. Downtown Disney – Logo Store:  photo from a display at the LEGO Imagination Center at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World.  I took this photo on our trip in May/June 2011
  2. France at Sunset:  photos at EPCOT on the bridge between the United Kingdom Pavilion and the 
  3. Cup Caked:  I found out in the Twinsburg Patch that a new Cup Cake Shop was opening in Twinsburg this past Friday.  So, on Saturday after the boys and I went on a snow hike at Liberty Park part of the Summit County MetroParks, located right here in Twinsburg, we headed over to see what they had.  They boys picked out half a dozen cupcakes.
  4. The IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Fireworks Show at EPCOT:  These are some of my best fireworks shots I have ever taken. This was on New Years Day (2013) at Epcot at Walt Disney World during the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Show.
  5. Photos from the Hub:  Photos from around the Central Hub at the Magic Kingdom Park taken on New Years Day.


Fountain of Nations

EPCOT's Fountain of Nations

I posted a couple of shots of the Fountain of Nations back in December 2012 from our trip last summer.  These shots are from New Years Day 2013.  These photos were taken at night after I watched the The IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Fireworks Show.  I waited around in the park for a while to let people leave and proceeded out slowly taking photos.

This is an often overlooked attraction at EPCOT.  I do not even see anything on the Official EPCOT Website about it.    A Google Search reveals a good bit of discussion about the fountain.

The fountain sits in the open space between Innovations just after you pass Spaceship Earth as you enter the park from the main entrance.  The fountain is elevated and water is shot up in the air and timed to music.  At night their are lighting effects added.  As a result this is a great spot for night time photography.

I was able to obtain the following information from A Glass Slipper Vacation Website:  “Another fascinating fact about the Fountain of Nations is that representatives from 22 different countries poured water from their native lands into the fountain.