Lake Erie Monsters

Lake Erie Monsters Game

This past weekend the boys and I were able to attend the Lake Erie Monsters vs Iowa Wild Hockey Game at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland (Ohio).  The Monsters won the game and we all had a great time!

I took a video of the opening sequence when the player are introduced, you can view it below.

Below is a collection of the photos I took at the game.


Liberty Park Seasonal Waterfall

Seasonal Stream / Waterfall

This past Saturday morning I went in search of a seasonal waterfall in ,  this park is part of the the Summit County Metroparks and is located in Twinsburg (Ohio).  Check out the other posts on my blog about this park.

The weather in Northeast Ohio last week warmed up to the 50s and the substantial amount of snow we had on the ground started to melt.  I figured it was a good time to head out to search for the elusive waterfall.  I found the seasonal stream fairly easily and followed it to find this small waterfall.

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Twinsburg Youth & Community Theatre - Through the Looking Glass

Twinsburg Youth & Community Theatre – Through the Looking Glass

I spent the last month shooting photos for the Twinsburg Youth & Community Theatre Production of “Through the Looking Glass“.   I was asked by the mother of one of the boys on my sons soccer teams to take them.  She knows that I shoot the soccer games and likes what I have done with them.  I had never shot a theatrical production before but I found it was similar to indoor soccer, you had low light and sometimes it was fast moving.

Press Photos

It first started with Press Photos to send to the local newspapers and media outlets.  I took these in a controlled environment where I was able to use my Canon Speedlites and my 43″ Octagonal Apollo Orb by Westcott.  These photos are in the Press Photos Album. and you can see my favorite below.

Twinsburg Youth & Community Theatre - Through the Looking Glass

Performance Photos

The Performance Photos were difficult to take.  The lighting levels were changing constantly.  The light color was changing with every scene and often during a scene the colors of the light would change.  It took some manipulation with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 in post processing to get the colors to look right by adjusting the White Balance.

Before I could begin the post processing I had to take to the photos.  This was difficult as the lighting was often dark.  I used my Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L to capture the scenes.  I was often shooting with a shutter speed slower than 1/200 seconds, even at high ISO and shot wide open at f/2.8, so I used my Induro AM34 Alloy 8M Monopod to steady the camera so that I could get shots that were sharp.  This combination and set-up worked well.  some of the performance photos are below and you can visit my favorite photos in this album and all of the photos are located here.

Staged Photos

We also did a Staged Photoshoot before one of the performances.  During this we took close up shots of the actors in full costume.  In addition we were able to take family photos as a large number of the performers were family members.  We had parents performing with children, siblings with siblings, etc.  Below is a group of the photos and you can see more in this album.

Full Cast Photo

We were also able to take a full cast photo during our staged photo event.  Fortunately the Twinsburg High School Auditorium has a balcony and I was able to get the cast placed on the stage and then take the photo from the balcony.  The higher perspective allowed me be able to see all the faces.  The photo was placed into a border with a description as shown below for 8×10 or 16×20 printing.

Twinsburg Youth & Community Theatre - Through the Looking Glass



Project 365 – January 2014

I am now 1 month into my 365 Project for 2014.  This image shows all of the photos I took in January in a calendar view.

I am using my iPhone with the CollectPhotoApp, get it at

You can visit my 2014 Project at and you want to look back at my 2013 Project take a look at the photos at


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Kent State University Twinsburg Regional Academic Center

I was going through my photos that I have not processed and I found this.  it was taken on Sept 26th (2013).  This is the Kent State University Twinsburg Regional Academic Center ( ).  It was a quick shot on the way in the door to a meeting of the +Northeast Ohio Medical Response Corps (NEOMRC) ( ).  I took this using the Canon EOS M w/ the 22mm lens.

I thought it was nice to look back and find a photo of a much warmer day than we are having now.  Today started around -8 degrees F.


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