PoB Cars & Coffee

I stopped by Porsche of Beachwood yesterday for the Cars & Coffee Event. This was a free event and open to everyone. There was a ton of cars on display, primarily higher end performance cars. You can check out my photos from the event below and Hi-Res versions are on my Photography Website in this Gallery. I am hopeful they will do this again this summer. Enjoy!

Great Falls of Tinkers Creek

The Great Falls of Tinkers Creek is located on Tinkers Creek in the Viaduct Park of the Cleveland MetroParks in Bedford, Ohio. The waterfall is approx. 15 feet tall and wide. This weekend I made a trip to check it out and update my photo library with some summer photos of the falls. i have been there a few times before as it is fairly close to home.

At the falls you can see the remains of a Grist Mill, Saw Mill, and an Electric Power Plant. you will also see the an old viaduct that carried trains over Tinkers Creek.

Below you will find some photos I took this weekend and you see more in my Bedford Reservation — Viaduct Park Galley on my Photography Website. Enjoy!

Southington Off-Road Park

Last weekend (4th of July Weekend) I met up with some friends at Southington Off-Road Park to enjoy some time Off-Road. We had a great time.

Below are some of my favorite photos.

You can see all the photos from the day in this gallery (first 60 photos) on my photography website.


How to Shoot Fireworks Photos

Around the 4th of July every year I like to post information on how to shoot fireworks. This year is no exception to that.

I enjoy taking fireworks photos at Walt Disney World because they have wonderful shows and great viewing locations. I like to have something in the foreground when I shoot fireworks to give the image a “place” so that you can see where it was. Walt Disney World is great for this as most of the shows occur over the major landmarks at the parks.

When shooting fireworks you will need a few things: camera, steady tripod, and a cable/remote release at the minimum. Once you get your camera set up on the tripod and you set it and aimed at where you expect the fireworks to appear in the sky you have to do some general setup. I set the camera to “Bulb” mode, this is a mode where the shutter will stay open as long as you hold the cable/remote release button down. I usually set the camera to ISO 100 and an aperture of f/11 as a starting point.

Once the show starts you can hold the shutter open while the bursts are going into the sky. I usually time it so that I get them leaving the ground and close the shutter at the end of the trail coming down out of the sky. Generally my shutter speed is around 6 to 10 seconds.

I have some of my favorite photos of fireworks taken at Walt Disney World below. What do you think about these?