Sports Photography

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Am I a Professional Photographer? Not in the career sense. By profession I am a Civil Engineer (at ODOT), where I specialize in Civil, Geotechnical, Design Build, Transportation and Bridge Engineering. One could argue that “professional” means the quality of the work, I may qualify in that sense.

I volunteer to shoot sports photos because I love to capture images for the athletes and their families. I volunteer all of my time, I do not get paid by the schools or the news outlets. All of the sports photos are available for download from my Photography Website in the Sports Galleries for FREE. The only thing I ask is that you provide credit me for the photos that I have taken.

The sporting events that I follow and capture are primarily at Twinsburg High School. I live in the community and my kids graduated from Twinsburg High School in the Classes of 2020 and 2022.

Why do I do this? I do it because I love it. It gives me joy to be able to capture a moment in time and freeze it for eternity. Looking back on the photos allows me to remember the moment. I remember the win, the rain, the school spirit displayed by the students and the athlete who scored the goal or blocked the shot.

I do this for the athletes and their families. Most parents never get a good, quality photo of their child playing sports. They do not have the training and equipment needed to get a great photo. I am able to capture them in their prime and give them images the family can look back on forever.

I have spent countless hours shooting, processing, learning, etc.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on professional gear and training.  

If you would like to give me a tip or buy me an Iced Tea, you can make a donation at PayPal or Venmo or Zelle (Phone Number 440-897-8122) or Apple Cash (Phone Number 440-897-8122).

If you see me on the sidelines or at the end of the court say hello and let me know you enjoy my photos!