Spot On Dog Training

A few weeks ago Sammy, our 10 month old Mini Schnauzer, graduated from Dog Training. He went through a week of training at Spot On Dog Training, they are located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We sent him to training because he did not have good manners, barked alot, jumped on people, and would not listen to us. When he came back he was much better behaved, more chilled out, and a much better and happier dog. He now listens to us and responds, sits on command, comes on command, lays down on command, etc. Also, he does not bark a lot and we can control his barking.

Would we do it again? YES!

They sent us a photo every day of his training and let us know how he was doing. The photos are below. Enjoy!

Day One
Day Two — Practicing “Sit”
Day Three — Practicing “Place”
Day Four — Practicing “Down”
Day Five
Day Six — Field Trip
Day Seven — Bath Day

All photos by Spot On Dog Training