LuminoCity Poster created to advertise the event
The Payne Boys are about to flip the switch at Twinsburg City Hall

The City of Twinsburg, Village of Reminderville and Twinsburg Township teamed up for the 6th year in a row to light up the town for the holidays. This has become a tradition in a short time and it is very well attended. The weather this year was clear and in the 30s.

The event starts at Twinsburg City Hall and then proceeds on a short walk to the Twinsburg Township Square. In both locations there is a ceremony with entertainment which precedes throwing the switch to turn the lights on. After everything is done there are fireworks to top it off.

I was there to capture the event and all of my photos are on my photography website in this gallery. Plus you can view the photos from the previous years I have event in this folder.


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