Twinsburg vs Hathaway Brown High School Girls Basketball — OHSAA Playoff

Yesterday I attended and took photos at the Twinsburg Girls Basketball vs Hathaway Brown High School Basketball Game. I have attached some photos below and you can see the full set of photos on  my photography website in this Gallery.. This was the first round of the OHSAA Playoff Games for the teams. Hathaway Brown won with a score of 46-31. Hathaway Brown is seeded as #4 and Twinsburg is seeded as #29.

The Twinsburg Team had a great season and we are all very proud of the progress they made.

The Hathaway Brown Gym is extremely dark and the lighting is uneven, worst that I have seen. It was a day game and there are windows on one end of the gym that made it even harder to shoot in. I had to double my normal ISO Setting for indoor gyms and I was concerned how the photos would turn out. But, in the end they turned out great! I think that the Canon EOS R7 Camera Body along with the Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens make a great combination for sports.


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