Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps Install on 2020 Honda Civic Si

Today I installed the Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps Install on my 2020 Honda Civic Si. I got these a few months back but had not installed them yet. Install was super easy and the instructions were well written.

I wanted these because I have been noticing that I am getting a good bit of tar and other matter on the lower parts of the car behind the wheels. I think because it is white that I notice it more than I have on other cars. Plus I wanted to protect the paint from scratches and nicks.

I made a video time lapse of the install on the drivers side of the vehicle. It was the first side I did so it took a little time to understand and follow the directions. The vide is approx 1 min in length so it is a quick watch. It is below.


How the video was created

I used a GoPro Hero 8 on a time lapse mode to make the video shorter, who would want to watch a long video of someone walking around the garage? I set the GoPro up on a platypod on a shelf at the back of the garage. I mounted the GoPro to the platypod on a ball head and some other mounts. I love how compact the platypod is and also how stable they are. I could have used a tripod but it would have taken up more room in the garage and I would have had to avoid it while I was walking around.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Honda Civic Type R

We made a trip to the Cleveland Autoshow over the weekend. While there we visited the Honda Booth and saw the Honda Civic Type R. This is one great car. Lots of horsepower, handling, and great looks. I personally own a Honda Civic Si Sedan.

One of the best things about the Type R styling are the Red Honda Badges. They really set the car apart from all the other Hondas. I wonder what they would look like on my Si?

If you can you should visit the Autoshow and experience it.

You can see all the photos I took at the show on my photography website in this gallery.


First "Mods" to the Civic Si

When we get a new car we typically pick up a set of floor liners from WeatherTech. Being that we live in Northeast Ohio it is a necessity to have them. All the dirt and salt during the winter make a mess out of the interior carpet and carpet mats. These do a great job of collecting and holding the water and make for easy cleanup. You can see them in the photo.

I also picked up some Door Entry Guards from Amazon. When I was cleaning the car I noticed how white the entry’s are and I want to keep them that way. I got the Thenice for 10th Gen Civic Door Entry Guard Sticker Carbon Fiber Style Threshold Bar Anti-Dirty Scuff Plate Car Door Sill Protector for Honda Civic. These are basically stickers that applied to the entry. The material is thick and has a very sticky back. I am hopeful that these stay put and are easy to clean, so far, so good. I went with the red lettering as you can see in the photo.


Little White Rocket

Earlier this month we picked up a 2020 Honda Civic Si Sedan for my daily driver. My oldest son has been in need of a car for a while and he will be taking over the car I had been driving.

We wanted a smaller car and this one is a good fit. It is a Honda, so reliability should be very good. In addition, the sticker price on this is under $26,000 and I consider it to be a bargain at that price.

This is a 10th Generation Civic (this Gen started with the 2016 model year) but Honda did update it from the 2019 Si with some subtle tweaks to the Front and Rear Bumpers, LED Headlights, Matte Black 18″ Wheels (I got the All Season Tires), additional Red Accents on the interior, and updated Seats. The 6 Speed Manual Transmission also has a quicker Final Drive Ratio that improves acceleration.

In addition, in 2020 Honda added the Honda Sensing System to the Si. This is a suite of Safety Features including Collision Mitigation Braking System, Road Departure Mitigation System, Lane Keeping Assist System, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

I never thought I would own a white car but the color Honda uses is brilliant and shines. They call it White Platinum Pearl. I have found out that this what they call a Tri-Coat Paint, so all three layers are tinted (primer, paint, and clearcoat). The paint changes color based upon the lighting and it has a sparkle when in the sun. The Matte Black Wheel in combination with the White Paint make for a great looking sporty car!

Some photos are below and there are more on my My Photography Website in this Gallery.