Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps Install on 2020 Honda Civic Si

Today I installed the Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps Install on my 2020 Honda Civic Si. I got these a few months back but had not installed them yet. Install was super easy and the instructions were well written.

I wanted these because I have been noticing that I am getting a good bit of tar and other matter on the lower parts of the car behind the wheels. I think because it is white that I notice it more than I have on other cars. Plus I wanted to protect the paint from scratches and nicks.

I made a video time lapse of the install on the drivers side of the vehicle. It was the first side I did so it took a little time to understand and follow the directions. The vide is approx 1 min in length so it is a quick watch. It is below.


How the video was created

I used a GoPro Hero 8 on a time lapse mode to make the video shorter, who would want to watch a long video of someone walking around the garage? I set the GoPro up on a platypod on a shelf at the back of the garage. I mounted the GoPro to the platypod on a ball head and some other mounts. I love how compact the platypod is and also how stable they are. I could have used a tripod but it would have taken up more room in the garage and I would have had to avoid it while I was walking around.

I hope you enjoyed this!

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