Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Freedomcame to Twinsburg (Ohio)over the 4th of July Weekend (2015). The Twinsburg Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)brought the Cost of Freedom to our City by raising fund for it for over two years.

American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT)travels the USA with the Cost of Freedom Tribute to provide a forum for the members of the community to come together to Honor-Respect-Remember all those whom we have asked to stand in harms way to protect and defend our great country and freedom as our way of life. They are the true American Heroes and we have an obligation to pay tribute to them by celebrating the freedoms they fought for.

My favorite photo I captured at the long weekend was Allen J. Smolic Spec 5 captured at The Wall

You can view all the photos I captured over the long weekend in this gallery on my photography website.

The Cost of Freedom Exhibit consisted of:

  • 80% replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (360ft long/8ft tall at apex) flag display flown over the wall (14), 190ft of additional stand up display honoring all veterans and those serving today.
  • 2-4×8 panels Presidents / with photo.
  • 1-4×8 panel-Ranks and Medals/Award.
  • 3-4×8 panels WWII- 1 timeline/1 casualty by country/1 pictorial
  • 2-4×8 panels Korea- 1 timeline and battle maps/ 1 pictorial and list of Medal of Honor recipients.
  • 2-4×8 panels Vietnam timelines
  • 2- 4×8 panels /1980-2000 U.S. conflicts and casualties listed. 1- 2×2 Operation Eagle Claw with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 El Salvador civil war with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 Invasion of Grenada with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 Bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 Operation El Dorado Canyon with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 USS Stark with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 Invasion of Panama with casualty listing/ 2-2×2 Desert Shield Desert Storm with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 Somalia with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 Khobar, Saudi Arabia with casualty listing/ 1-2×2 USS Cole with casualty listing.
  • 1-4×8 panel 9/11- 2-2×2 Pentagon and casualty list/2-2×2 Flight 93 and casualty list/ 2-2×2 Tower 1 and casualty listing/ 2- 2×2 Tower 2 and casualty listing.
  • 6- 4×8 panels/ Global War on Terror. A collection of individual engraved gold dog tags depicting all casualties from the global war on terror.
  • 1-4×8 panel/ Names and photo’s of all Ft. Hood victims.
  • 2-4×8 panels/ Police and Fire/1-4×8 Police Pictorial/ 1-4×8 Firefighter Pictorial
  • 1-2 sided 24in. x 36in. A-Frame/ 1-24×36 Police Casualty by state/1-24×36 Firefighter by state.
  • 1-4×4 panel/ FBI panel with casualty listing.
  • 8-2 sided 24” x 36” A-Frames/ 1-WWI plus statistics/ 1-Spanish American plus statistics/ 1-Korean War plus statistics/ 1-Civil War North plus statistics/ 1-WWII plus statistics/ 1-Civil War South plus statistics/ 1-Desert Storm plus statistics/ 1-War of 1812 plus statistics/ 1-Vietnam War plus statistics/ 1-Mexican War plus statistics/ 1-American Revolution plus statistics/ 1- Cost of Freedom/ 4-U.S. Conflicts listing plus statistics.
  • Exhibit depicting statistics of every war / conflict involving the United States.
  • Timeline with photos of World War II.
  • Korean War tribute with timelines & photos.
  • Vietnam War facts, figures, and timeline.
  • Art display featuring Vietnam Veteran artist.
  • Display of USA founding and significant documents including Constitution and Declaration of Independence
  • Panels honoring Law Enforcement and Firefighters with pictorial display.
  • Panel memorializing the casualties at Fort Hood 2009 shootings.
  • A FBI tribute panel that lists directors as well as the fallen.
  • Displays honoring those who fell in military hostile action from the end of Vietnam to the 9/11 attacks.
  • 9/11 tribute with the names of all 2,984 casualties, organized by where they were located at the time of death.
  • A gold dog tag tribute to all those members of the armed forces who have given their life in the Global War on terror. Each tag has the full name, rank, branch of service, date of casualty and location of casualty.

There was no admission fee to see the Wall, but we encourage you to bring your children and educate them as to the significance of this important moment in history. The Cost of Freedom Tribute is a true depiction of the great sacrifices made throughout the history of our country. We are fortunate to be able to bring it to Twinsburg and hope that you join us to honor, respect and remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Please enjoy the photos of the event that I took and have displayed in these photos albums!

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