Twinsburg High School Senior Parade 2020

We have a High School Senior at Twinsburg High School this year. Today was supposed to be the day he was to walk across the stage and officially graduate. BUT, due to COVID-19 everything has been cancelled.

So, today the High School arranged to have a parade around the communities. There were over 300 cars in the parade. Some people even decorated their cars. We too the Jeep and it had the top folded back and the lower fabric doors were installed. It was a little chilly today but overall a great day.

The first photo below you can see us in the parade (photo by Dennis Pylypiak). Scroll down a little further and see some more photos and at the bottom is a short video I posted of the event. I was in the parade and could not do my usual complete coverage with photos so I put together what I could. There was a spot on the route that we doubled back on ourselves and I was able to get some video.

I hope you enjoy the photos and video, stay safe everyone!

Us riding in the parade (photo by Dennis Pylypiak)
Everyone lined up and ready to go
Shortly before departure
I recorded the track of the parade using Gaia GPS and you see the track on the Gaia Website at this LINK

A short video I put together of the Twinsburg High School Senior Parade today. I was in the parade with my sons so I did not get many photos or content. I was able to take some iphone photos and videos. The photo near the end was taken by Dennis Pylypiak of my jeep, boys and myself.

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