Harwood Motors Black Friday Open House

I stopped by Harwood Motors for their Black Friday Open House yesterday. Here are some photos I captured. I liked the Tow Truck 🙂

Building the Vyper Robust Steel Pro

I purchased the Vyper Robust Steel Pro a few weeks back and finally got it assembled and took a time lapse video of the process. This is the best built roll around chair/stool for the garage and other work areas. It is very well built with heavy gauge steel and large casters that roll over just about anything! I look forward to using this for many years to come.

Time Lapse Video of the assembly

Comparison o fhe old stool to the new Vyoer!
Stitching on the seat
The normal use of the Vyoer will be auto detailing

PoB Cars & Coffee

I stopped by Porsche of Beachwood yesterday for the Cars & Coffee Event. This was a free event and open to everyone. There was a ton of cars on display, primarily higher end performance cars. You can check out my photos from the event below and Hi-Res versions are on my Photography Website in this Gallery. I am hopeful they will do this again this summer. Enjoy!

Southington Off-Road Park

Last weekend (4th of July Weekend) I met up with some friends at Southington Off-Road Park to enjoy some time Off-Road. We had a great time.

Below are some of my favorite photos.

You can see all the photos from the day in this gallery (first 60 photos) on my photography website.


Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

On Friday a group of us attended the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, PA. We ran some on-site trails, attended the festival and went to the Jeep Invasion. Check out m photos in this gallery on my photography website. Favorite photos are below. Enjoy!

4LOhio Invades Rush Off-Road Park

Earlier this month a group of 5 guys (4 Jeeps) from Ohio invaded Rush Of-Road Park in KY. This was a weekend trip and we had 2 days of wheeling. It was a great trip but we do not plan on going back. The park is obviously set up for SxS and not Jeeps. The ratio of SxS to Jeep had to be 100:1 or more. There were primarily dirt/mud trails. We prefer more rocks than mud.

The one trail that was a big challenge was Rankins Ravine (Trail 81). Rankins Ravine takes you down into a narrow ravine with lots of rocks and fallen trees. It was obvious that this sees a good bit of water in a storm event. It was just a trickle while we were there. The trail features be squeeze (for a Jeep) and then a steep uphill waterfall. It was very challanging. The photo above is from this trail. And the first video linked below is dedicated to this trail.

The second video is from the other trails we did. We found a large mud hole on Trail 97 and you can see us get past it. There is also a steep decent we did as well.

After the video links you will see my favorite photos from the weekend. And you can see the rest of the photos on my Photography Website in this Gallery.



Favorite Photos

Cleveland Auto Show 2020

Made a trip to the Cleveland Auto Show. Here is what I cam back with. There were too many people around to be able to get what I really wanted.

You can view all the photos I have taken at the Cleveland Auto Show in these Galleries on My Photography Website!


Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps Install on 2020 Honda Civic Si

Today I installed the Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps Install on my 2020 Honda Civic Si. I got these a few months back but had not installed them yet. Install was super easy and the instructions were well written.

I wanted these because I have been noticing that I am getting a good bit of tar and other matter on the lower parts of the car behind the wheels. I think because it is white that I notice it more than I have on other cars. Plus I wanted to protect the paint from scratches and nicks.

I made a video time lapse of the install on the drivers side of the vehicle. It was the first side I did so it took a little time to understand and follow the directions. The vide is approx 1 min in length so it is a quick watch. It is below.


How the video was created

I used a GoPro Hero 8 on a time lapse mode to make the video shorter, who would want to watch a long video of someone walking around the garage? I set the GoPro up on a platypod on a shelf at the back of the garage. I mounted the GoPro to the platypod on a ball head and some other mounts. I love how compact the platypod is and also how stable they are. I could have used a tripod but it would have taken up more room in the garage and I would have had to avoid it while I was walking around.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Red Mountain Mining Area

Video from a trip to Ouray in Sept 2021. This is the Red Mountain Mining Area. Easy trail with lots of history. A full set of photos is in this Gallery on my Photography Website. Enjoy!

Poughkeepsie Gulch

Video from a trip to Ouray in Sept 2021. This is Poughkeepsie Gulch. This is one of the most technically challenging trail in the area. The main reason is for what is called “The Wall”. You can see me going up the wall in the video. Enjoy!