Adobe Photoshop Camera

In June 2020 Adobe released a Smartphone App called Photoshop Camera. I have been using it for a while and I am impressed with it.

The app is available for both iOS and Android, and it is FREE!

The app contains the name “photoshop” but it does not have much in common with Photoshop other than containing the name. It is all about taking a photo, making a few adjustments and then saving, posting, etc. It has an auto function that makes almost every photo look great and then you can fine tune it and make further adjustments.

One of my favorite things about this app is that it captures photos at the 16×9 aspect ratio. This is the format that your TV has. All the example photos below are at that aspect ratio. What aspect ratio do you like and use?

Give this app a try and let me know your thoughts and impressions of it.

Editing Interface

Examples of the editing interface are shown below, check the captions below the screenshot for details

The editing interface as soon as you enter it, it does an autotune to make the photo look great. If you do not like what it did, just click the magic wand in the upper left to remove the autotune.
This shows some of the things you can change on the photo. You just slide over to the one you want and then slide your finger left and right to adjust.
you can use “lenses” to make the image pop, add special effects, etc.

Example Photos

Some example photos I have taken using the app. These were all taken on an Apple iPhone 7, so it is not even the a current model. This one is 4 year old technology.

Sunrise on an early morning #walkabout
Jeep in it’s natural enviroment
Hobo Vista in Central PA
Early morning #walkabout
Shooting Soccer, one of my passions!
Another shot of Sammy!

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