365 Project

With the end of 2021 comes my annual calendar of photos. This is a Project 365 I started 9 years ago. Every day I take a photo with my iPhone and it gets added to the calendar. Below you can find all 9 years worth of photos. I create a square poster at the end of the year.

I use Collect Photo App to create the monthly calendar. This is an iPhone app and it is easy to use because virtually 100% of the photos for this “Project” are taken on the iPhone. Once I get the monthly calendar done it is imported in to Adobe Lightroom and I create the poster with a Print Template I created. The text at the bottom was created in Pixelmator.

Year 10 starts tomorrow!


365 Project – 2021 Edition

365 Project – 2020 Edition

365 Project – 2019 Edition

365 Project – 2018 Edition

365 Project – 2017 Edition

365 Project – 2016 Edition

365 Project – 2015 Edition

365 Project – 2014 Edition

365 Project – 2013 Edition

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