Jeep Fender Repair

When I went on the 4LOhio Invades AOAA trip in October I ripped my right front fender off. I had to get it repaired and this is what I did. The good thing is it only cost about $50 as I needed to buy a new inner brace because I broke off the mount for the turn signal / marker light. Below are some photos. This YouTube Video by ExtremeTerrain has all the details on how to replace one of the stock plastic fenders. I was able to buy all the parts I needed from Amazon. Enjoy!

What it looked like when I got home, We ripped the liner and the outer cover off on the trail. I had to replace this plastic fender brace.
These are the “T Clips” that hold the plastic fender onto the sheet metal of the metal fender.
The “T Clips” are inserted into these slots on the plastic cover
“T Clip” in place on the outer fender
“Christmas Trees” that are used to attach the plastic fender liner
Plastic Rivets that hold the Inner Fender Liner to the Outer Fender Cover
This is the tool used to insert the Plastic Rivets.
Tool used to remove the “Plastic Rivets” and the “Christmas Trees”
Final Product
Final Product

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