4LOhio Invades AOAA

In the beginning of October a group of 5 guys from Ohio invaded AOAA (Anthracite Off Road Adventure Area). This was a weekend trip and we had 2 days of wheeling. It was a great trip and we hope to get back there in the future.

Day one

The first day started well, we got to AOAA and registered, hit the trails on the West Side of the property. We started on Trail 102B that is a newer trail I found out about online. It is a Blue Trail. Of course, as all trails are at AOAA, the rocks are loose and rather large. This makes it difficult to navigate at times as you do not have very good traction at times.

On this trail I managed to rip my right front fender off. It ended up being a quick fix when I got home after I ordered the needed parts/supplies.

We had very good lunch on the trail and the tailgate table made it nice and easy to create a “buffet” for everyone to gather their food.

After we got off the trails we headed back to the house we rented.

Day Two

Day two was spent on the East Side of AOAA. The highlight of this day was running Barney Rubble. This is the most difficult trail I have every run. I am not sure what the rating on it is. Fairly steep long climb with lots of larger loose rocks. It was a fun time for all.

GPS Tracks

While on the trails I had a GPS Track Logger going. This is an image of Google Earth with the tracks shown. Day One is in Blue and Day Two is in Green.


All the photos I took and the ones sent to me by the others on the trip are on my Photography Website in this Gallery.

YouTube Videos

I created this video from photos taken and a few video clips. It is long but you will get to see everything we did.

This video was created by another one of one of the guys on the trip.

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