4LOhio Invades Rush Off-Road Park

Earlier this month a group of 5 guys (4 Jeeps) from Ohio invaded Rush Of-Road Park in KY. This was a weekend trip and we had 2 days of wheeling. It was a great trip but we do not plan on going back. The park is obviously set up for SxS and not Jeeps. The ratio of SxS to Jeep had to be 100:1 or more. There were primarily dirt/mud trails. We prefer more rocks than mud.

The one trail that was a big challenge was Rankins Ravine (Trail 81). Rankins Ravine takes you down into a narrow ravine with lots of rocks and fallen trees. It was obvious that this sees a good bit of water in a storm event. It was just a trickle while we were there. The trail features be squeeze (for a Jeep) and then a steep uphill waterfall. It was very challanging. The photo above is from this trail. And the first video linked below is dedicated to this trail.

The second video is from the other trails we did. We found a large mud hole on Trail 97 and you can see us get past it. There is also a steep decent we did as well.

After the video links you will see my favorite photos from the weekend. And you can see the rest of the photos on my Photography Website in this Gallery.



Favorite Photos

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