Fun with Luminar

I was going through some older photos. What else can you do when you are stuck at home? Came across a dull looking photo of Eye of the Whale Arch at the Arches National Park. To get to this area you need to have a 4×4 and drive in on the Tower Arch Jeep Safari Trail. We visited this while attending the Easter Jeep Safari in 2019.

The first photo below is a photo that I edited with Luminar 4 for Skylum using the sky replacement tool. I thought it would look cool at night, so I went with a nighttime sky replacement. The software was smart enough to change the foreground image and make it darker.

Is this cheating? Well, yes. But, why not use what you have avalible to you? Yes, I would have loved to be able to take this shot in person and not go through the software but I was not able to. What are your thoughts?


Photo edited with Luminar 4 with the sky replacement tool
Original photo

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