Winch Install

Today I went ahead and installed the Warn Winch I have had sitting in my dining room since Christmas. The Jeep was in storage for the winter and I finally got around to installing it. I bought the Warn VR EVO 10-S. I installed this on my 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

The front bumper I have on the Jeep is the JCR Off-Road Crusader Mid-Width with the Front Bumper Skid.

The install went pretty easy. I was able to reach up under the bumper to install the hardware to attach the winch to the bumper. I had thought I might need to remove the Bumper Skid but I did not as I had enough room to get my hand up and under the bumper. So that part of the install went very easy.

After I get the winch attached to the bumper I wired it up to the battery, I had to route the positive and negative cables under the grille because the cables are fairly short, I wish I had another 6 inches on the cables. Nevertheless I was able to get it wired up.

Last year when Factor55 was running a sale I picked up a FlatLink and a FlatLink Rope Guard. I like this product because the FlatLink will store flat against the Fairlead. Plus the Rope Guard will prevent damage to the rope.

I got a Fairlead when I purchased the bumper from JCR Off-Road. So, I went ahead and used it instead of the one included with the winch.

Tomorrow I will our boys to go out with me and tension the synthetic rope. We just need to find a parking lot with a closely tree. After that I will go through my recovery gear and make sure i have everything I need.

Photos are below. Enjoy!

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