Cleaning the Interior Side of the Jeep Tires

It was time to rotate he tires on the Jeep, I got to 5000 miles since the last time I did it. I rotate all 5 tires. No need to have a spare that never sees the ground, plus I will get additional time before needing to replace the tires. The tires were very dirty after the Backcountry Discovery Routes – Mid Atlantic Trip last weekend. When I rotate the tires I like to clean the backside of the tires and inspect them. I use a few professional detailing products to do this.

I follow these steps and use these products.

  1. Spray the tire and when with the power washer to get it wet and dislodge anything loose
  2. Spray the tire with Meguiar’s Super Degreaser D108. This is a great cleaner that will cut through the mud and grime.
  3. Scrub the tire with Tuf Shine Tire Brush, this is a great small stiff brush that I always use on the tires. The brushing will activate the D108 and pull the dirt from the tire. You will see the white foam turn brown as the dirt is coming off. Rinse the tire off.
  4. Give the tire another spray of the Meguiar’s Super Degreaser D108. Scrub the tire again with the Tuf Shine Tire Brush and if the foam stays white you have removed the dirt from the tire. Rinse it off again.
  5. For the next step I spray Meguiar’s Non Acid Wheel Cleaner D143 into the barrel of the wheel and scrub it with a Wheel Brush.
  6. For the final step I rinse the wheel and tire with the power washer.

There is a video below showing the steps I described above.

Not my wheel, but an example of the brown foam that the Meguiar’s Super Degreaser D108 generates when scrubbed on a dirty tire.

For the tire that will become the spare tire I take a little more time to clean the entire tire. I would like to have the spare looking nice and shiny as people will be able to see it easily hanging on he back of the Jeep. So I clean the entire tire using the methods described, including both sides and the tread. Once it is clean I apply Stoner Trim Shine Vinyl & Plastic Coating to the entire tire. This provides an outstanding final touch. Check out the photo below of the Spare tire.

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