Backcountry Discovery Routes – Mid Atlantic

Over the weekend the boys and I spent some time on the Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) – Mid Atlantic with two other friends. We did the portion in PA from IR-76 (PA Turnpike) to IR-80. This is about a 240 mile section and comprises sections 6-7-8 of the MA BDR. This is primarily comprised of gravel roads in the PA State Parks and Forests. The BDR is designed for Sports Motorcycles but it can be done with 4x4s (or any other vehicle). The roads are generally very dusty and you can sustain about 25 mph on most of them.

We also did the two “expert” sections along this route. These sections are unpaved dirt paths. The further south section was overgrown and if not cut back you wont be able to get a larger vehicle through in a few years. The northern section was a little rocky. Both were fun to do, I would have liked to see more of these along the route.

Camping can be found along the route in the State Parks and the State Forests. But, you need to check out the requirements and if you need to make a reservation to reserve a spot.

In addition to my two boys, Expedition Team Overland (XTO) and Dee cam along. XTO organized and planned the trip.

Some of my favorite photos are below and you can find all the photos I took on my Photography Website in the Backcountry Discovery Routes – Mid Atlantic Gallery.


The boys and myself. We had a great time!
The gang
The Jeeps lined for a glamor shot.
Hobo Vista
Pano shot of Penn’s View Overlook. We were fortunate to be there on a very nice day. his was a gorgeous area!
Google Earth image showing the route we took

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