Penn’s View Overlook

Last weekend on the Backcountry Discovery Routes – Mid Atlantic trip we got to stop at Penn’s View Overlook. This is a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. This is the description of the overlook I found on The Wilds Of Pennsylvania‘s Blog post

Rising high above Penn’s Creek on the northern edge of Slide Mountain Penn’s View overlooks Tunnel Mountain and Rupp Mountain separated from each other by Penn’s Creek and Woodward Mountain behind them.  Upstream on Penn’s Creek is the village of Coburn visible through a gap in Woodward Mountain, beyond Coburn is Penns Valley and on its northern edge are the Buck Ridge, Shriner Mountain, Brush Mountain and Nittany Mountain ranges.  Penn’s Creek flows over 700′ below you on its way around Slide Mountain towards Poe Paddy State Park to your right.  From May to July both sunrises and sunsets should be visible from the overlook.

This overlook is located at 40°50’33.0465″ N 77°27’10.1979″ W.

I took this pano using the Canon 7D Mark II wit the Canon 24-105mm F/4L. This is a 10 frame pano that was stitched in Adobe Lightroom Classic. When I take panos I lock the exposure using manual mode so that it does not change from frame to frame. After I got it into Lightroom and the pano was stitched I did basic edits to the image.

You can see the Hi-Res Version of this photo on my Photography Website at this link in the Backcountry Discovery Routes – Mid Atlantic – July 2020 gallery.

What do you think? Would you like to visit?


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